Method of Payment


We provide various types of services including legal services, consultation, business and commercial services. Our aim is to provide to you — our client — with our services effectively, accurately and without unnecessary delays. As remuneration for our services, you are obliged to settle the relevant fee according and regarding to the required service(s).

Service(s) request

You can request a service via email addressing to, telephone (+7 (812) 309 86 77), or meeting us personally by visiting us at Pyshkinskaya street, 13, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation (upon arranged appointment).

A request for our services must be in clear and unequivocal terms so that there is no misunderstanding. We provide services only on the basis that those instructing us give us all proper, necessary and timely instructions, authority and information so that we can respond quickly and effectively, avoiding mistakes and waste of time and funds. After, you place your request, our professionals, in the certain professional area required, contact you and inform you promptly regarding the requested services. During the communication between our professionals and you, our professionals duly state the range, amount and extent of services required.

In order to proceed to the execution of the required services you are required to provide us — among other necessary information — with a valid email account to which our professionals shall send a confirmation email, along with the relevant invoice and the statement in which all the requested services and their cost are listed.

Method of Payment

Our client(s) shall proceed to the payment of the provided services, by settling the relevant payment by credit card through our merchant account, through a secured payment system, namely CAURI PAYMENT SYSTEM, the link and the instructions of which are stated in the statement shown in the confirmation email

Time of Payment

The settlement of the certain invoice and according to the certain statement shall be completed in advance and no later than 3 days after the issuance of the invoice and the statement, unless a different arrangement is agree expressly.

Please note that, our professionals shall proceed to the execution of the request and the provision of the agreed services once the certain invoice is settled, unless a different arrangement is agree expressly.

Additional services

In the event that, you have settled the payment for the certain invoice and during the provision of services by our professionals you require additional services, an additional relevant invoice shall be issued. The payment for the additional invoice shall be settled within 3 days from the issuance as described in the Method of Payment above mentioned.

Please note that, we reserve our rights to impose any interest and/or penalty fee for every delay in the payment.

Termination and/or cancellation prior to payment

In the event that, you have contacted us and/or have met with us and we have consulted you upon the provision of our services and/or upon your request(s) but you decide not to proceed with our services, you will be obliged to proceed to the payment of the consultation fee (if any) that will be stated in our initial communication.

For more information please, contact us.