Refund policy


When you — the client — request the provision of a service, you are responsible for the payment of our fees and for any factual expenses arise during the provision of the certain service(s) irrespective, the fact that eventually you may proceed to the conclusion of the service or proceed with the termination and/or cancellation of it.

Requested and provided service(s)

Assuming that, our professionals have proceeded to all necessary actions in order to provide and have provided the requested services, no refund can be claimed from you due to termination and/or cancellation of the service by your part. In such event, if for your personal reasons and/or for reasons that are out of our control, you wish to terminate and/or cancel the between us agreement for the provision of services, no refund can be provided to you.

Lack of provision of the service(s)

Assuming that, you have duly proceeded and completed the relevant payment and our professionals have not provided — within reasonable time – the required services, without stating an accurate reason for the lack and/or the unreasonable delay of provision of the services, you have the right to submit a complaint stating the relevant facts and proof for the failure of our professionals through email, addressing to:

We will respond to the complaint immediately and if your statements of fact, and the proof that you provide us with are valid, you will be entitled to the refund.

Annual fees

In case of annual fees paid, i.e. for nominee and/or management services for the Company etc., if you decide that you no longer require our services we will refund on a pro-rata basis, calculated on the period of time that we have provided our service(s).

Factual expenses

Money spent on factual expenses (governmental fees, stamps, certifications etc.) is never subject to refund.

Method of refund

Refunded funds will be paid to you in the same way you have settled the payment towards us. In the case that you are entitled to refund due to lack of provision of services we will bear the transfer charges. In the case you are entitled to refund due to termination and/or cancelation of the service(s) due to reasons out of our control, you will bear the transfer charges.

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